The dissertation is the type of text in which ideas and points of view are defended about a certain subject.

Characteristics of the dissertation

Knowing the characteristics of the dissertation is fundamental for those who want to write a good essay. Textual type charged in the Enem, the dissertation presents specificities that must be known and dominated by the candidate.

But it is not only in the National Examination of High School that the dissertation is charged. This type of text has been much requested in schools as a way to prepare students and to demand of them a critical and observant posture in face of the diverse events of the day in our country and in the world, since the main characteristic of the dissertation is the defense of an idea about a certain subject. For ideas to be better presented and developed, be aware of the structure of the text:

Introduction: The introduction is your opportunity to welcome the reader. At this point, you will present the idea or point of view that will be defended throughout your text. A good start will surely guarantee the interest and the adherence of those who are reading;

Development or argumentation: Throughout the development of your text, your main mission will be to convince the reader of the relevance of your arguments, and this will only happen if they are strong enough and convincing. For this reason, it is important to give examples and provide data based on expert opinions to foster your point of view.

Conclusion: At the close of your text, you should complete the line of reasoning developed. It is fundamental that at the end of the writing, its positioning is clear and coherent with the development.

As for language, some care must be taken: The text of the essay must be objective, therefore, the words must assume their denotative meaning, that is, their literal sense. Give preference to the direct order of prayers, for they are better understood by the reader. The elaboration of a dissertation text is centered in the defense of ideas and the way in which these ideas are articulated. To ensure a good articulation of your arguments, be aware of the coherence and textual cohesion, elements that will provide a better relationship of meanings of the ideas exposed. Now that you already know the main features of the dissertation, it is time to train the writing and its arguments. Good studies!